christian Louboutin 'Loubishark' for Flannels

A set of visuals we created for Christian Louboutin’s “Loubishark” sneaker launching at British retail giant- Flannels, which features a vibrant jagged sole inspired by shark teeth. We pitched the concept centered around the sharks’ “electroreception”, a unique sense that sharks possess that helps them sense the bioelectricity of their prey in the water. The visuals feature a range of different visual scenarios, mimicking a tv switching channels.

We used a huge range of visual techniques in this project, elaborate set design, graphic art, projection mapping, CGI and compositing, photography, video and much more.

techniques used

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Creative/Film Director- Nas Abraham/ Co-creative director- Héléna Miléna/ Motion graphics- Arron Watson Mcnab / 3D Artist- Dami Oladimeji / DOP- @Jef_clark / 2D graphic artist- @syncher / Set design- @lottienot / Styling- Claudia Biele / Edit- Pietro Biz Biasia / Music- @high_zen / Models- @fetomabrostrom / Beauty Director- Rebecca Abraham / HMUA- @lucachirico-hmua / Nail artist- @jeanettevuong

techniques used

Concept, Creative Direction, Videography, Production, Post- Production, Styling, Graphic art, CGI, Compositing, 3D Modelling, Hair/ Makeup, Projection mapping, Grading, Photography, Casting,