The SOS team was commissioned by UK shoe retail giant Office to produce and execute a set of dynamic visuals for their Crocs summer campaign. While the concept came from Office’s team, we formulated a visual approach to communicate the theme, this included overall image style, 3D elements, set design, moving image and edit style, vfx sound design and grading and the 3D Jibbitz which we modelled completely from scratch using 3D software. The campaign was made into incredible set of window displays and in-store promotion, placed around multiple Office locations across the UK, most notably their Carnaby Street store.


Creative Director- Photography- Graphic Artist- Nas Abraham/ Co-creative director- Héléna Miléna / Graphic art assistant- Arron Watson Mcnab / Styling- Claudia Biele / Editor- Pietro Biz Biasia / 3D artist- Dami Oladimeji / Production- @skatewaypictures / Retouching- @ninaduque.retouching / Graphic Design- @111000.101 / Models- @oce.mrc and @altjj_/ MUA @daniellekahlani/ Hair stylist- @nicolekahlani

techniques used

Concept, Creative Direction, Videography, Production, Post- Production, 3D scanning, CGI, Projection mapping, Grading, Photography, Casting, HMUA